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Aimer’s Waterproof Lace Glue

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Aimer’s Waterproof Lace Glue
Aimer’s Waterproof Lace Glue


* Our fast drying waterproof lace glue is specially formulated for a strong hold while being gentle on your lace. Not only does this glue give you a EXTREME HOLD it’s also sweat and waterproof. No worries about your lace slipping from sweating or your natural oils this glue can hold up to 4 weeks. 


Clean your skin with 70% Alcohol, apply a thin layer of lace glue to skin ( Allow to dry clear before adding next layer), apply 2-4 coats. Each layer must be clear before applying the next layer. Attach the lace (tie down for better melt) and allow it to set for at least 24 hours before getting wet.




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